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Coherent Breathing and Valsalva Wave Training
with Stephen Elliott, author, inventor, life scientist...

At Acupuncture Center (

2007 N. Collins Blvd, Suite 307

Richardson, TX 75080, 972-644-2608

or Contact Steve: 866-441-0707


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About Stephen Elliott, President, COHERENCE L.L.C.

Stephen is the principal author with Dee Edmonson, RN, of The New Science of Breath, Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method, and Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality, with Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin.

He is a student and scholar in the yogas of China, Kashmir, and India and the first contemporary to unravel the "code" of the Bagua and Yi Jing to reveal its inner meaning - "the secret of immortality".

Stephen is the inventor of the Coherent Breathing method and holds multiple patents on methods and systems supporting Coherent Breathing.

He is the modern day re-discoverer of the respiratory arterial pressure wave and has patents issued and pending on its measurement and as a basis of biofeedback. Stephen with Dr. Bob Grove coined the name "Valsalva Wave", describing the wholistic arterial and venous wave phenomenon that occurs in the circulatory system when breathing coherently and relaxing.

Stephen has contributed substantially to the contemporary understanding of the heart rate variability phenomenon and its physiology.

He is the inventor of the Six Bridges method which combines Coherent Breathing with conscious relaxation of certain anatomical zones called "bridges".

Stephen is a pioneer in the effect and importance of Earthing to health and well being, holding the fundamental patent in modulation of bodily impedance through varying the connection between a human and Earth ground.

He is a long time teacher of the yogas of China and India and has direct experience with the classical Kundalini Shakti experience, having lived with its immediate presence for 10 years.

Stephen provides individual and group instruction in Coherent Breathing, Qi Gong, & Meditation. He has a biofeedback practice in Richardson, Texas.


The Art & Science of Coherent Breathing   (sign up ended)         

Wednesday, March, 17th, 2010: Seattle, WA. 

Also, March 18th: Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality (see below)

For these workshops to occur, 8 participants are required. If cancelled, you'll receive a full refund. Attendance is also limited so sign up soon!

Price: $250.00     

Wednesday, March 17th:The Art & Science of Coherent Breathing : Immersion in the practice and the psychophysiology of Coherent Breathing.

Participants will learn to breathe "coherently" (with and without Valsalva Wave biofeedback) andThe Six Bridges method for eliminating internal tension that inhibits mind and body. Numerous tips and techniques will be presented that speed progress.

Copies of the workbook Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method will be provided. A goal of the workshop is to lead participants to a "psychophysiological breakthrough" that they can then perfect through practice.

To find out more about Stephen Elliott or Coherent Breathing, visit these links:

Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality (sign up ended)

Thursday, March, 18th, 2010: Seattle, WA. 

For these workshops to occur, 8 participants are required. If cancelled, you'll receive a full refund.

Price: $250.00

- Thursday, March 18th:Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret of Immortality, the very ancient method of "Learning to breathe in harmony with Heaven and Earth". In this workshop, Stephen leads participants through the practice of the "5 steps" of Wuji Qi Gong. He also reveals the profound philosophical basis of the practice and its relationship to China's ancient classic, the Yi Jing or Book of Changes. Participants will receive a copy of Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality.

Workshops both days will run from 9 am to 5 pm with 90 minutes for lunch.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Coherent Breathing:

Coherent Breathing is a formal breathing method developed by
Stephen Elliott for the purpose of health well-being, longevity, and optimal performance. It accomplishes this by promoting optimal respiration, optimal blood flow, and its outcome, autonomic nervous system balance.

Coherent Breathing generates a phenomenon known as the respiratory arterial pressure wave which rises with exhalation and falls with inhalation. This wave is an outcome of the “thoracic pump” which, in combination with autonomic action, functions to draw blood from the extremities via the right side of the heart during inhalation and impel blood to the extremities via the left side of the heart during exhalation.

Coherent Breathing has been demonstrated to affect many biometrics include including heart rate, blood pressure, brainwaves, muscle tension, skin conductivity, and hand temperature, as well as

overall “bioenergetic potential” of the human organism. Often, dramatic changes in biometrics are seen within a single therapeutic session.
Coherent Breathing is presently used by a growing number of individuals and integrative health care professionals in >10 nations.

About Stephen Elliott:

Stephen Elliott is a long term student, practitioner, and teacher of Eastern yogic and martial arts and an avid life sciences researcher. He possesses a unique “systems view” resulting from the synthesis of diverse fields of knowledge including physiology, engineering, esoteric arts, and alternative medicine, as well as a deep understanding of yoga and meditation that can only be forged via direct experience. He is a prolific inventor with 40+ patents issued or pending, many of which are in the area of life sciences. Stephen is the primary proponent of the respiratory arterial pressure wave theory of heart rate variability.


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